Cello Lessons

Teaching Philosophy


I have been teaching cello lessons to students ages 6 and up since 1986.  

My philosophy for teaching grade school age children is based on the popular Suzuki method - a wonderful starting point as it makes performing a natural activity; which in turn helps boost confidence, memorization skills, and enhances all other learning skills. 

I have veered from the original Suzuki method in that I introduce music reading skills at an early age which allows young performers to participate in school orchestra right away.

Scheduling Lessons


Regularly scheduled, weekly lessons are recommended to promote steady progress and continuity of learning.  Adults and teens should plan for a full hour lesson.  However elementary and middle school age schoolchildren should have their lesson length tailored to their individual age and concentration ability.  While a 30 minute lesson might be perfect for a 6 year old, a 9 year old may need a 45 minutes, and kids in junior high and up have the concentration and stamina for an hour lesson. 

Recitals and Group Classes


I encourage students to perform in recitals and participate in their local NYSSMA Festivals.   My teaching techniques prepare students for playing in their school orchestra, NYSSMA Festivals, All County auditions and beyond to Conservatory-level preparation.  I am also available to coach chamber music, lead group classes as well as master classes.  Performing is an important aspect in learning the instrument, and is a wonderful vehicle to accelerate learning and accomplish goals.  


Jayden M - Warwick, NY

Suzuki Cello Teacher

Jeanne teaches me and makes it fun. I love cello because I get to play different notes and scales and on the drums I can’t. Jeanne made me love cello because she’s the best.

~ Jayden Maynard, 6 years old 

Tasha B - Chester NY


 I first met Jeanne in her teaching studio, the 2nd floor of an old barn.  Sunlight streamed through the window catching dust particles, bookshelves were piled high with all kinds of music, it was overwhelming.  But what I did learn is that Jeanne is an amazing musician, choosing to spend her time teaching and passing along the secrets of good cello technique.   The best teacher I've had in five years.  June, 2018

Mika L - Warwick, NY


Having studied under Jeanne Fox for my entire high school career, I can say that I would not have the strong musical backing that has gotten me where I am today if it was not for her and our lessons! She has the ability to reach students at all ages and help them channel their fullest potential as cellists through her genuine and compassionate love for her students and music. If you have the opportunity to be a Fox kid, do not hesitate to study with Jeanne because she is a once in a lifetime teacher!  May 2017

The Dilauro Family - June 2014


Jeanne has been a wonderful teacher and mentor throughout my daughter’s first year of playing the cello.  Patient instruction and focus on the fundamentals helped my daughter gain a solid foundation upon which she can grow. Jeanne also makes it a point to get her students playing in front of people by hosting various recitals throughout the year, which instills a sense of confidence.  We are moving from the area, however my daughter is extremely fortunate to have begun her cello playing with Jeanne. We will miss Jeanne very much.

Nina Z - Monroe, NY


 I’ve played cello since the 4th grade and in that time I’ve had four cello teachers. I met Jeanne and I’ve stayed with her for good reason! Jeanne has been an excellent teacher. My technique has definitely gotten better during my time with her!  I consistently got A’s and A+’s on my NYSSMA evaluations, was in the Chamber Orchestra in school, made All County, and even made Area-All State while I was her student.  I stopped lessons to go to college, couldn’t have ended my cello playing career with a better teacher.  - Monroe Woodbury High School, May 2015

More info to come!



The Moore Family

Jeanne Fox is a rare find, a real treasure.  Not only an accomplished and active musician who regularly contributes to and promotes the arts in her region, she is also an outstanding cello teacher and an exceptional mentor to budding cellists and their parents alike.  

Her years of experience as a teacher and performer make her the perfect combination of traditional technique and innovative methodology like Suzuki.  She knowledgeably evaluates each student and sets a course to maximize each one’s potential.  She invests herself in their steady progress and development.  Instilling a love for music and a heart to share it with others is also at the core of her teaching philosophy.  Therefore, she encourages participation in school and community orchestras, the NYSSMA Festivals, and All-County/All-State Orchestras in addition to a myriad of other performance venues.  

As a military family who moves often and all over the world, our girls had six cello teachers in eight years with various teaching methodologies and levels of experience.  Jeanne masterfully wove together all of their previous instruction and catapulted them forward to find great success at NYSSMA and the OCMEA All-County Orchestra.  She also made sure they were well-prepared for our recent overseas move.  

From experience, we can say that Jeanne can meet the needs of any cellist no matter the age or stage of development (even someone like me who picked up her cello after a 30 year hiatus to play with her girls)!  For all of this, our family owes Jeanne an incredible debt of gratitude.  We highly commend her to you!  The Moore Family

Shinichi Suzuki

“Teaching music is not my main purpose. I want to make good citizens. If children hear fine music from the day of their birth and learn to play it, they develop sensitivity, discipline and endurance. They get a beautiful heart.”